Vines & Steins is an interactive exchange of palate-driven opinion. I’m not here to be the biggest critic or to claim that I have superior taste buds to anybody’s (I clearly don’t!). But I hope we can all fine tune our tastes and raise our expectations and have plenty of fun in the process. We’ve got a lot of extraordinary craft beers and fine wines out there to taste and try — and I have to stay sober enough to hold down my day job!  So I need all of your help in spreading the gospel about what it is you love (or hate) to drink!

This blog is not about any commercial interests. I’m a regular guy who pays his bar tab, and my opinions aren’t for sale. Neither should yours be. Let’s have some interesting exchanges and meet up at some beer or wine events that seem to be happening every week!

Contact: vinesandsteins@hotmail.com

P.O. Box 927611San Diego, CA  92192


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