Welcome to Vines & Steins!

In a flash of hops-induced inspiration, this is my new blog! For those who know me, I’ve become quite the enthusiast of craft beer and wine, and I also love to write. Vines & Steins started as a short-lived column that I produced as a freelance writer for a local online magazine a few years back, but I felt limited by that publication’s focus on one geographic area for its coverage. With this blog, I’ll be covering beer and wine from all over, but certainly very California-centric and San Diego-centric (gotta support my peeps and write about what I know!)

Why beer AND wine?

The easy answer is I don’t discriminate! Sometimes I’m in the mood for a hoppy hand-crafted brew, and other times I crave a glass of really killer wine to arouse my senses. And sometimes both in the same sitting! I’ve been a passionate follower of the craft beer scene for 16 years now, and started exploring wine with an equal passion about 14 years ago. My hope is to create a unique forum where we can share our interests and latest finds, and compare our tastes. Let’s keep it fun, lighthearted, and opinionated! I want to know what you’re a fan of, and why!

So uncork that bottle, pop that cap! We’ve got a whole world of tasting to blabber on about…



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  1. Pretty cool blog. I am cheap wine kind of guy and I purchesed a bottle of Cupcake Red Velvet at Costco. It was really good, you should try it out sometime… Adrian

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