LoveLikeBeer Vegan Beer Night @ Blind Lady Ale House (BLAH)

Awww, yeahh!!!

I may be a half-assed lacto-vegetarian who can’t lay off the pizza and Mexican food, but I certainly can appreciate some real vegan food when it’s made available in a fine atmosphere.  And I can’t think of a finer atmosphere than the Blind Lady Ale House, which is hosting the 2nd semi-regular vegan beer night by LoveLikeBeer.  They’ll have some tasty gourmet vegan preparations paired with craft beers.  You don’t have to buy all the pairings, it’s sort of a la carte.  And no charge to get in.  This Tuesday, July 26, from 5 pm to 10 pm.  Get there early for seating and a chance to get a limited edition LoveLikeBeer glass.  If you get there before me, tell ’em you’re holding a few seats for the Vines & Steins posse (ha!!!)

For those who can’t bear to engage in healthy dining that doesn’t conform to the SAD (Standard American Diet), they’ll have the rest of the menu available as well.  But the beer pairings are only with the vegan dishes.


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